Tower crane dismounting

Dismounting of tower crane is scheduled, as a rule, immediately after erection of load-bearing wall and supports of building structures and after packaging by the necessary materials for finish. Tower crane dismounting, as well as its mounting, must be carried out in accordance with requirements of organizational works. This procedure includes all the preparatory and installation works. Before beginning of crane dismantling it is necessary to prepare mounting area, i.е. the place of supplementary crane installation and storing tower crane parts, and also o consider entry-exit way for its transportation.

Tower cranes are dismounting using three main methods:

  1. Dismantling by enlarged assemblies;
  2. Retraction of tower sections using installation casing;
  3. Tower and boom folding (self-mounting tower cranes);

Before performing tower crane dismantling, it is necessary to check conditions of its mechanisms brakes and condition of supplementary crane brakes. In case of wrong brakes adjustment, its mechanisms may fail, resulting to accident and fatal casualty.  Besides, it is necessary to check load, boom and carriage cables.

Dismantling is carried out in the order reverse to its installation.


 Tower cranes and LLC «Gantry-Crane Service»

Priority direction of our company activity is services provision on installation/dismantling, maintenance and repair tower cranes of different types and modifications. Our group consists of experienced, certified specialists, possessing respective permissions for provision on professional level all the necessary services. In our work we follow Federal regulations and rules in industrial safety. Our main purpose – to satisfy Customer’s requirements and to provide safety in works execution. We are sure – there are no impossible tasks, our specialists will assist you in making a right decision and to minimize costs for archiving stated goal.

In conditions of dense urban area and increasing desire of architectures to surprise citizens by enormous designs of high-rise buildings and constructions, tower crane occupies a special place in the modern market of construction engineering. Tower crane application is an optimal solution for delivery construction materials at the height of erection level.

Tower crane installation is a complex technological process, requiring performance of elevated jobs with special equipment and involvement of additional equipment (motorized cranes with handling capacity from 16 to 300 tones). Performing crane installation we apply several installation technologies compliant with instruction of manufacturing factory. Selection of crane installation technology is made considering the following factors: object conditions (construction site) and its position, structural peculiarities of crane and its design execution. Priorities of a Customer are always at the first place. Our specialists will perform the necessary works within the shortest possible period, because timely performed installation guarantees reduction of unproductively spent time.

We offer:                                                    

  1. Consulting services;
  2. Installation/dismantling of tower cranes series КB, Potain; Liebherr; Terex Comedil, YANGMAO; SOIMA; QTZ, Linden Comansa, Jaso, Everdigm of any level of complexity;
  3. Installation of braces and supports to a building;
  4. Extraction and retraction crane’s boom;
  5. Maintenance works in volumes agreed with Customer;
  6. Any kind of electrical equipment and tower crane mechanisms repair;

           Built-up of price for services provided by LLC «Gantry-Crane Service» on tower cranes takes place in the following way:

  1. Studying of a Customer application;
  2. Selection the model and modification of tower crane by charges of the enterprise;
  3. Development of technological solution of the stated task;
  4. Consideration corrections on elevation and complexity of operation (restricted conditions of the site, motorized crane outreach);
  5. Compilation of commercial offer;
  6. Agreement of the price with Customer.


There are many companies providing similar services nowadays, but we are not afraid of honest competition! Our Customers, having addressed to us once, acquire long-term and reliable partner!


Any advices on appeared questions you may receive from our specialists calling us by phones indicated at web-site of LLC «Gantry-Crane Service».