Gantry crane dismantling

Dismounting of gantry crane is a rarely used procedure, because they are initially installed stationary, at preplanned zones of transport servicing. But in course of time going all may change: service live may be over, handling zones are changing as well as crane owner. But independently of the reason the order of crane dismantling will be reverse to its installation. Dismantling of gantry crane is a complex of operations, requiring special awareness and experience of specialists on installation.


Gantry cranes and LLC «Gantry-crane Service»

Our company activity is based on many years' experience of installation works performed at different ports. This explains the name of our company – “Gantry-crane Service. Our specialists excellently know installation procedures and have a good possibility of orientation in repair of load-lifting equipment. Dealing with installation, dismantling, maintenance and repair of gantry cranes, we always find out new way to eliminate problems and improve our skills.

We offer the following:                              

  1. Consulting services and departure of our specialist at the object;
  2. Installation/dismantling of gantry cranes of domestic and outside manufacturers of any level of complexity;
  3. Dismantling , repair and installation of boom systems;
  4. Replacement of load cables
  5. Replacement and repair of pivot bearings
  6. Maintenance works in volumes agreed with Customer;
  7. Any kind of electrical equipment and gantry crane metal structures repair.

Built-up of price for services provided by LLC «Gantry-Crane Service» on gantry cranes takes place in the following way:

  1. Studying of a Customer application;
  2. Selection the model and modification of gantry crane by charges of the enterprise;
  3. Development of technological solution of the stated task;
  4. Compilation of commercial offer;
  5. Agreement of the price with a Customer.


There are many companies providing similar services nowadays, but we are not afraid of competition! Our Customers, having addressed to us once, acquire long-term and reliable partner!


Any advices on appeared questions you may receive from our specialists calling us by phones indicated at web-site of LLC «Gantry-Crane Service».