Bridge cranes

    Bridge cranes belong to bridge type cranes. Box-type or latticed metal structures of bridge cranes are travel along the axis of under-crane ways, installed at crane bridges. Favor of bridge cranes is specified by strength of its metal structures and mechanisms, as well as by it long service life. Enterprises of different types use bridge cranes for handling different cargoes. Often bridge cranes operate up to 20 years at ambient temperatures from -40 to +40o C. Bridge cranes are one of the most demanded products in building and in many other shears of industry. The main application fields of bridge crane are open elevated structures, close manufacturing premises, fire-hazardous and explosive objects, operation with bulk cargo, handling and installation operation/

    Bridge cranes are subdivided:

    1. Single grinder and double girder crane;
    2. Under-running and top-running bridge crane.

    Besides bridge cranes are divided on two types: electrical bridge cranes and manually operated ones. Manually operated cranes operate at warehouses and work shops, possessing low cargo traffic. Accordingly, electrical bridge cranes operate at warehouses and workshops with high cargo traffic.


    Installation – dismantling of bridge cranes

    Bridge cranes installation is rather complex and labor consuming process, possessing sufficiently complex peculiarities, accordingly, bridge cranes installation is carried out by specialized organizations, possessing sufficient experience and knowledge.

    Methods of bridge cranes installation:

    1. Element-by-elements assembly;
    2. Installation by enlarge assemblies;
    3. Installation by solid sections.

    Main crane fragments are assembled by means of elevating and installation on the required object, where handling operations is performed. This variant is absolutely suitable in lack of space conditions foe those components of equipment, which possess magnifical dimensions.

           Bridge cranes dismantling operation is not less labor-consuming process. That is why dismantling is executed extremely rare, only in that cases, when bridge crane is completely nonserviceable, or it is necessary to transport it to another construction site. For the purpose to dismantle bridge crane, it is necessary to attract lifting machines. Lifting-load capacity of these machines directly depends on the weight of bridge crane and installation area, where the necessary works will be carried out.

    High quality operating of single grinder and double girder crane is possible only in the case when it was correctly installed. That primary step is a guaranty of normal crane operation and it provides prolong service life of these equipment.


    Important points of installation process:

    1. Gradual balancing adjustment between halfbridges.
    2. Installation of the main equipment components.
    3. Analysis proportions of installed crane.
    4. Installation of crane operator cabin.
    5. Intake cables into grooves.

    After mounting works completion it is necessary to test finished bridge crane. Equipment must be tested on capability to lift loads which exceeds on 25% the weight recommended by manufacture in conditions of static test performance, with static load position. Besides, lifting equipment is subjected to dynamical loading, i.e. in load lifting process with a load that exceeds load-lifting ability on 10% in motion. Thus it is possible to check brakes functionality, clutch and other devices.

    Maintenance and repair of bridge cranes

    Timely performed procedures of bridge cranes maintenance provide the necessary level of operating safety at construction object, decrease probability of damages resulting in decrease down time. Bridge crane maintenance is a whole spectrum of engineering measures preventing premature wear of equipment by performing preventive inspections, revealing malfunctioning, its elimination or repair.

    For normal crane operation it is necessary to organize its periodical monitoring, revealing by participated in it specialists any possible defects: cracks on metal structures, mechanical damages, and maximum permissible wears. Regular inspections will permit to reveal defects at early stages, permitting to prevent premature bridge crane overhaul.

    In course of bridge crane operation special attention must be paid on railways condition, observance of loads lifting rules, provision crane stability in workless condition and observance of safety rules.     

    In course of crane operation it is compulsory to use system of schedule preventive repairs, regular inspections of cranes, adjustment and lubrication of separate assemblies and details in accordance with manufacturing factory instructions, systematic supervision of bearing crane structure state and its mechanisms. Timely repairs of handling equipment are important factor of costs reduction of any organization.

    Bridge cranes and LLC «Gantry-Crane Service»

    Our company activity is based on many years' experience of handling equipment installation works performance. Our specialists excellently know installation procedures and have a good possibility of orientation in repair of load-lifting equipment. Dealing with installation, dismantling, maintenance and repair of bridge cranes, we always find out a new way to eliminate problems and to improve our skills.

    We offer the following:                              

    1. Consulting services and departure of our specialist at the object;

    2. Installation/dismantling of bridge cranes of domestic and outside manufacturers of any level of complexity;

    3. Replacement of load and carriage cables;

    4. Maintenance works in volumes agreed with Customer;

    5. Any kind of electrical equipment and bridge crane metal structures repair;

    Built-up of price for services provided by LLC «Gantry-Crane Service» on bridge cranes takes place in the following way:

    1. Studying of a Customer application;
    2. Selection the model and modification of bridge crane by charges of the enterprise;
    3. Development of technological solution of the stated task;
    4. Compilation of commercial offer;
    5. Agreement of the price with a Customer.



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