Gantry crane

Gantry crane belongs to boom type cranes, which distinctive feature is a base on for supports with travelling mechanism called gantry. The main gantry function is an opportunity to allocate railways and access ways under crane and travelling along these ways. Gantry cranes are multifunctional equipment and are used at sea and river ports, at the territories of crap metal companies and at storage areas of big enterprises. There are three main operation modes of these giants: hooked, clampshell-type and a mode with application of electric magnet.

The main parts of tower crane are:

1.      Gantry of box-like or double-T design on travelling trolleys;
Box-like or grating (gantry-tower cranes) column, equipped with rotating mechanism;
3.      Platform of engine department, equipped with crane control system and load hoisting mechanism;
4.      Crane operator cabin with control devices
5.      Fixed counterbalance of engine department and movable one, balancing boom system;
6.      Articulated boom system with handling radius control mechanism;

Gantry cranes are differs by models and modifications and are selected by each enterprise, e.g. port or metal base, by the following characteristics:

  1. Load capacity;
  2. Hoisting height;
  3. Boom reach;
  4. Gantry span;
  5. Performance;

 The main advantages of gantry cranes are: capacity of loads handling horizontally using boom reach up to 60 m, lifting of heavy cargoes at relatively large height with lowering them below level of crane runways, possibility of throughput under the crane gantry.


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